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 OE PencilWe value your privacy..
The privacy of our customers is an upmost concern.

Be assured that we do not sell any data to third parties, we do not attempt to profit from any customer data and unless totally unbeknownst to us, any data transferred to our servers during your session is never kept, used or sold.

This is one of the reasons that, whenever possible, we write our own code so that we know exactly what it is doing. 

We cannot however guarantee that any code, data or information gathered cannot be compromised by a less than reputable source and used without our knowledge.  

We do attempt to protect privacy to the best of our ability.

Currently, we may collect some session data which is generated from visiting specific pages, but this data is only for validity and the data is not stored after the session has ended. We may also set cookies, but this data is only used for to provide a better user experience during the web visit and not for other use. OvertimeEntertainment.com itself does not use any of this data for profit, gain or personal data collection unless speficially written.

Applications, software & source code

Unless otherwise specified in writing, this extends to any and all applications written by, provided by, downloaded from or used by OvertimeEntertainment.com or its affiliates.  By using this website, any software provided or source code, you are agreeing to release overtimeentertainment.com and its affiliates from any legal obligation or responsibility derived from its use.
  To put it bluntly and it plain words, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!  

If you are unsure or disagree to anything stated within this privacy agreement, please exit this site now.

Thank you!