OE Pipeline

A few things 'a brewin' in the OE pipeline...
 A few demented twists of working in IT with a few life twists thrown in for good measure. ADayInIT.com is the landing for the ADayInIT.com story board using Word Press.
As they say at ADayInIT.. Come for the fun, stay for the funny..
3D scenes created in Blender converted into 2D comic storyboards.
http://ADayInIT.com forums will have each comic as it is created. 
This is another fun game being created using Epic's Unreal Engine.  Somewhat like the game corn hole, you fling your disks to score points on a corn hole board.
We are currently working on the Penthouse Tournament Level.
We will publish vids of each level as we progress.  This will give you an idea of what the gameplay will be like.
Visit http://flingboard.com to join in the fun.
FlingBoard-TourDeCorn FlingBoard Game - OverTimeEntertainment.com
Video Preview
Pipe Dream XV
PipeDreamExterior1Fly your maintenance craft through the maze of pipes to keep the colony alive. 

Battle strange pipe dwelling robots, creatures and alien life forms who are hell bent on finishing off the last of the colony survivors.

BattleOrbs OrbZ is one of our play faves.
A gem crushing, projectile firing, skin and weapon collecting FP shooter.
OrbZ battle orb OrbZ battle orbCustomize your orb.
You can mix and match custom orb shell skins and orb weapons allowing you to create a unique orb of your own.  Weapons attached to the orb weapons socket will include chain saws, heavy artillary and a few 'fun' attachments. (PooShooter? c'mon!..ok)
OrbZ Battle Orb
BeeTheDog (BeeTheDog.com)
This loveable "Frenchie" just wants to play.  You get to be the dog in this four legged  action adventure game.
BeeTheDog.comBeeTheDog Gameplay