Lesson One – Balance

Balance3 Life is defined by balance.
Good and bad, dark and light, black and white, life and death, balance.  At times it may not seem like it, but there is balance in everything.  Balance4,pngYoung Yǔmáo is having a hard time dealing with a new bully on his block.
Mógū the elder explains to him why this is actually a good thing.  moguBalance2“Ah, Yǔmáo.. a bully will focus on someone because he knows that deep inside they are made of something special… this threatens them.  It is his own fear promoting this obsession of causing frustration in that persons life.

moguBalance3If you look all around you,  many people of success were not the bullies, but the bullied.” responded Mógū with a sheepish grin.
Yǔmáo was not quite sure what the elder meant but decided to listen on.

“Bullies force people to really evaluate themselves.” he said.
“It forces them to focus on positive things they can do in their life.  This is a balance in life that brings out some of the best in people.  While the person being bullied will go on to live a fulfilling life, the bully will normally live a life of depression and sorrow. This eventually leads them to the spirit of the burning water to try and bring some order of balance into their own life, which they will rarely find.  Some of the best inventors, artists, prophets and geniuses were bullied at some time in their life.”

BalanceFin6Yǔmáo realized that the elder was certainly on to something.FingerBalance2


It did not take him long to realize which of those in his neighborhood that were the bullies in their youth and those who were bullied.  He felt much better and decided that this advice will go a long way in helping himself become a person that others would respect.

He finished his balance training, and now he could not wait until the moon handed off a new day to the welcoming arms of the sun.